RISE 7v7 leagues are designed to provide competitive opportunities to enhance overall skill. Both 7v7 and youth football organizations participate and we encourage all teams to play in outside tournaments. We do our best to schedule league games with other tournaments in mind, so all athletes can maximize the off season.


We use this league as a competitive training aid for each 7v7 or youth football program, all of which are organized and coached independently. The league schedule consists of two games, twice a month from January through May.


7v7 training is offered exclusively for league teams. These training sessions are once a month, scheduled around league and tournament play. The training sessions allow the players to interact with RISE staff, developing fundamentals and drill competition. The scrimmage portion of the workouts are structured to put pressure on teams and coaches by forcing them to execute in different situations to practice game management.


During each 7v7 training day, all coaches are encouraged to participate. These are great opportunities for coaches to interact with one another, coach with RISE staff, and develop best practices to ensure we are collectively providing athletes with the best experience possible