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Rise Football is a football training academy that teaches fundamentals and habits in a positive environment where progress is the focus of every session. Through a progressive curriculum that includes on-field instruction, speed and strength training, and academic support; we emphasize using the game as a tool to teach life skills. We use our vast playing and coaching experience to assist building better teams by partnering with youth and high school organizations to create a tighter knit football fraternity where we are all learning from each other to strengthen the football community.


We are comprised of former college players, former college coaches, current high school coaches, and community football influencers. This group of men has partnered together to create a movement to relentlessly build relationships to grow the game and positively impact those that play it and coach it.


As former players and current coaches, we have an obligation to pass down our knowledge and experiences to help make the game as strong as possible. By using men that have played and taught the game at the highest levels, we can increase participation by teaching player safety, proper fundamentals, with transparency and affordable pricing.

The New Rise Football

Football is the ultimate team game. There needs to be a renewed emphasis on putting the team before self. The best teams love each other.  They love the struggle. They have the most fun. Our game deserves respect and demands discipline. Whether a former player, coach, player, parent, or fan we have an obligation to give back to the game which has had an impact on our lives on so many levels.

If you love football, that means you’re all in with everything all the time. You’re disciplined in the class room. You practice hard. You set the expectation in the weight room. You’re accountable. You demand to be coached and coached hard. There is no middle ground.  Give yourself to the game, and you will be rewarded with the intangibles to succeed in every walk of life. 

our philosophy

There has never been a better game invented than football. Football has had a profound impact on the lives of our staff and we want to share those experiences with the families that put their trust in us. We have surrounded our program with men of character that have used our game as a tool to enrich their lives. If football is the ultimate team, then RISE is the ultimate team company. We all work together to provide an atmosphere, where your athlete will thrive

and learn that greatness is attainable and contagious.








Developing good habits and fundamentals is not just vital in the game of football but also in life. We use football as the instrument to teach these lifelong skills through our staff in a competitive environment, free of the constraints of failure. Growth and building a solid understanding of what it means to be a great teammate are learned characteristics embedded in simple habits and solid fundamentals.

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