We have reached a critical stage for youth football in Tacoma. As time changes, the demands rise for the community. We have an opportunity to increase accessibility to programming and facilities, setting a new standard of community partnership. This model will provide a wealth of resources for our families and forge new alliances.


Tacoma has a rich history of producing some of the state's most talented teams and athletes. The legacy of Tacoma youth football can be traced back to teams built by pioneers such as Jack Jackson & Pat Patterson of the Tacoma Panthers, Koshawn Armstrong of the A&R Central Hornets, John Harper of the Eastside Harper Angels, Don Bird Woods Eastside Boys & Girls Club, and last but not leastJimmy Ervin and Eugene Mobley of Al Davies Boys & Girls Club. We have a generational opportunity to bring the Tacoma Football community together under one roof, building an organization that will rival the greatest programs of all time.



Merging the TPC and NWC will provide a sustainable infrastructure by delivering the necessary tools and opportunities, enhancing the overall experiences and skillsets fundamental in youth development.

about rise tackle football

The RISE Tackle Football program provides opportunities for players age 7-14 years old to learn the game of football and compete against their peers. To ensure safety our league has 6 levels within each organization that ensures players compete against their peers. The 6 levels are 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U and 14U.  Each season is comprised of a minimum of an 8-game season. Playoffs are based on each teams record at the end of the season. 

The RISE Tackle Football program will compete against teams in the surrounding areas.


about cougs/panthers merger

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