Rise Football Standard

Our strategy for returning to our programming aligns with what we always strive to provide — a physically and emotionally safe environment for athletes to grow.  


The policies and procedures put in place to respond to the novel coronavirus, commonly known as COVID-19, have been informed by the state’s mandates and guidance provided by the CDC and local health departments. Our staff will continue to use the most recent information from the healthcare and scientific communities to provide updated trainings for our staff and to make future policy and procedural changes to our operations.  

Facility Rules

See below for E|L1 Sports facility usage rules.



Anyone that enters an E|L1 facility must go through a check-in process that includes a series of screening questions and a temperature check. The process is done with masks on and maintaining 6-feet of distancing from others.  



All athletes, coaches, visitors (when they are again permitted to enter facilities), and our instructional staff are required to wear masks or face coverings while in our facilities or programs as determined by the state or county mandates. 


social distancing

All staff and participants will adhere to a 6-foot social distancing policy during programming or when otherwise in our facilities. Depending on the current mandates of the county where a facility is located or where programming will occur, there may be brief encounters with an athlete inside of 6-feet to show them how to correct a specific skill.  


group expectations

When teams and their coaches are in an E|L1 facility for their team practice, they are to follow the policies just as if our instructors were leading the workout. 



Athletes are required to bring their own equipment to use during all programming. If they do not have a piece of equipment needed for their program on any specific day, one of our instructors may provide a sanitized loaner. 



In order to reduce the risk of any potential COVID-19 transmission, we have reduced the number of participants in each program offered. This includes team training, group lessons, camps/clinics, 1-on-1 lessons, team rentals, and any other facility use. With fewer individuals in facilities at one time, we are able to maintain social distancing consistently, while still offering impactful programming to the athletes. 


To further reduce the numbers in our facilities, no visitors are allowed at this time. Parents/guardians can drop-off and pick-up only.  

Facility (1).jpg



We have prepared each facility to run safely by utilizing our roll-up bay doors that will be open to varying degrees so air flow is improved.  


We have made other changes to provide a socially distanced experience. This includes creating one-way pathways in areas where distancing can not be maintained and is accompanied by 6-foot increments marked off in the locations where lines may form. Additionally, we have designated spaces for athletes to place their equipment which are adequately spaced to maintain social distancing.  


Finally, we have strategically placed hand sanitizer around our facilities so people that enter, exit, and participate in programming are sanitizing routinely.  




We ask that all clients, athletes, or coaches communicate with us immediately if they are in any of the following situations: 


  1. They have been exposed to someone who demonstrated symptoms associated with COVID-19. 

  2. They have been exposed to someone who has tested positive with COVID-19. 

  3. They are demonstrating symptoms of COVID-19. 

  4. They have tested positive with COVID-19. 


After our staff is notified, we will put into practice our process to gather all relevant information and determine next steps for any individuals who may be affected and communicate these plans.  


Although our safety protocols within our facilities and programs significantly reduce or even remove chances for close contact to occur on site, we will always provide information to families for their safety and for them to be equipped to make decisions that are best for their family




For all E|L1 facilities, we use and/or have consulted with a professional cleaning service to ensure we sanitize and clean to the highest standards and stay up to date on the best practices to mitigate risks, especially in high-touch areas.  


All high-touch areas in our facilities are disinfected throughout the day, including prior to opening and in-between programming. This is done with solutions that are recommended by the CDC.  


Any shared equipment is sanitized before next use and/or will be rotated out for later use, allowing any potential virus to die off before needed again.