QB School

April July

This program is NOT for everyone. It is specifically designed ONLY for the most dedicated competitive High School QBs that want to stay ahead of the competition and learn at a higher level.

What Our Program Offers

The RISE QB School was designed to develop winning football players at the quarterback position. We want our athletes to play fundamentally sound with without playing fundamental, robotic football. The program is designed to attack all three phases that consistent QB play requires (ie: physically strong , football IQ/mental toughness, fundamentally consistent).

Physically Strong

Every indoor workout includes throwing specific workouts to enhance arm strength and arm durability. Qb’s use resistance training in football specific activities.

Football IQ/Mental Toughness

Meeting topics include developing a QB philosophy, handling adversity, self study, opponent film study, how to watch film and much more.

Fundamentally Consistent

Drills focus on playing fast and not over coaching fundamentals that slow players down. The game is played fast so we must practice fast. We only take 12 Qb’s per age group to maximize reps for each QB.


This school is based around competition. Competing is a learned trait and we will teach that by making them compete in the class room, in the weight room and on the field.