QB Clinic

April May


QB Clinic includes 8 professional outdoor workouts, 8 professional indoor workouts, 8 professional chalk talk sessions. QB’s required to bring a ball and a WR.

This program is NOT for everyone. It is specifically designed ONLY for the most dedicated competitive High School QBs that want to stay ahead of the competition and learn at a higher level.

Outdoor Weekend Session

  • Filmed
  • Routes to WR’s
  • Improving Deep Ball
  • Escaping Pocket
  • Throwing On The Run
  • Pocket Mobility
  • Off Platform Throws
  • Anticipation Timing

Indoor Weeknight Session

  • Filmed
  • Controlled Weather Variables
  • Resistance Training
  • Arm Health / Strengthening
  • Pocket Posture
  • Pocket Mobility
  • Off Platform Throws
  • Improving Velocity
  • Improving Touch
  • Pocket Footwork
  • Anticipation Timing

Film Room Chalk Talk Session

  • Learning Coverages
  • Analysis of Indoor and Outdoor Sessions
  • How To Read Coverages
  • Identify Blitz Indicators
  • Leading From QB Position
  • How To Prepare For The Fall
  • Developing Individual QB Philosophy
  • Goal Setting For Summer / Fall
  • Weekly Film Breakdowns