At RISE Football Academy, our instructors have the experience and knowledge to systematically develop athletes’ progress through the strategic stages of training. Every athlete who is a part of this training program will receive in-depth, age appropriate information in the position(s) they desire to play. The academy style environment creates the ability and opportunity to push players to maximize their potential. It’s key to build every athlete in their position-specific skills, beginning from a mastery of the core fundamentals as well as tips to advance their overall abilities. This, we are sure of, is the absolute best way to prepare for the next level of competition.

Character, Leadership and Mental Toughness

RISE Football AcademyWe not only dedicate ourselves to teaching our athletes the physical attributes of football but as well we infuse confidence, self-respect, competitiveness, commitment and drive into our workouts. We desire all of our athletes to understand the concept of excellence, not necessarily perfection. Rise holds strong core values and at the forefront of our standard is that we ultimately will be helping to mold respectable young men, not just football players. With the knowledge that less than one percent of athletes make it to the professional level, our goal is that 100% of our players grow up to be men who carry these values with them for the rest of their lives. We truly believe that young athletes of today will grow into leaders of tomorrow.

Training F.A.Q.

  • Tailored 6-month Rise Football Academy training program designed for every position
  • Two Indoor free span and fully turfed facilities
  • Comprehensive player-specific game film evaluation to attack weaknesses and maximize strengths
  • Intensive position-specific skill training designed to expand each player’s game
  • Targeted athletic performance instruction to develop and improve functional strength, speed, balance, explosiveness and flexibility
  • Game situation instruction to develop awareness and increase on-field production and efficiency
  • High-level, high energy, competitive and knowledgeable training environment
  • Video analysis and game film documentation for individual improvement and collegiate evaluation and recruitment
  • College preparatory academic curriculum, small classes and individual attention to meet the needs of each student-athlete
  • Training by “RFA Certified” staff, current, former collegiate and pro athletes

If you have any questions that you would like answered, a tour of our facilities; please do not hesitate to contact us online or call during operating hours.